Saturday, April 14, 2012

Autumn Lawn Fertilisation

Autumn is well and truly here in Sydney! The mercury is dropping at a rate of knots and all the summer plants, crops and lawns are slowing down and getting ready for the cooler and drier period ahead.

That means it's time for planting winter crops, doing some work on your citrus trees and lawn fertilisation. 

Fertilising in a lawn in autumn? Yes, really. A good feed for your lawns now will make sure that they really bounce back in Spring because you've given them something to eat before winter and will have enough remaining as they arouse from dormancy in Spring. Logical, really. 

Additionally, it's time to aerate. Lawn aeration, also called lawn coring, is a process where small cores of soil are removed from the lawn so that air, water and nutrient can reach the lawn's root system more easily. At this time, dressing the lawn with a good quality compost and adding a lawn fertiliser with low nitrogen, high phosphorous and low potassium will go a long way to making sure your lawn will look amazing in spring.  It's a great idea to do this every second or third year.

Some lawn and garden guys and home owners tend to go overboard with chemical fertiliser and greening agents in Spring.

Autumn and Spring fertilisation for lawns actually have different nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium ratios, because they are designed to assist different aspects of the grass. Autumn fertilisation is about strengthening the root system and spring fertilisation is about sustained quality growth of the grass blades, and more.

Spring fertilisation is a necessity because as the lawn wakes up from its winter slumber, its usually very hungry and needs feeding to make it ready for the Summer ahead. However, it's less efficient and more costly to do one 'big fertilisation' than two smaller ones.

Autumn fertilisation actually helps improve lawn strength - saving you money for lawn mowing and for fertilisation in spring. It truly makes your lawn thrive.

After all, when the lawn is really thriving, it naturally excludes weeds and becomes really luscious - a delight to walk on and something amazing to look at. Is your lawn a bit sketchy? Is a neighbour's quite a bit better? See what I mean? 

We can do it for you. Drop by our website and arrange a quotation.

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