Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Everyone has seen all the tv shows about renovating a house, haven't they? Go on - raise your hand if you have.

There are also some shows about garden renovation and they make it look so easy! In the short space of the 'one hour' program, they transform something that might look like your backyard into a thing of beauty, and with practical aspirations!

Obviously, it takes far longer than an hour. And of course, for those shows it takes a horde of highly paid, exceedingly photogenic, massively caffeinated folk a considerable amount of time.

Let me say from the outstart - we're not a horde, we're not particularly photogenic and we're only lightly caffeinated (two double espressos per day is our limit!) - but we're determined to do the best quality work for you, for an agreed quoted price and to leave you with a smile on your face and in your heart at the end of the project.

Garden renovation is a lot of things. It can be a massive one-shot project which involves ripping out everything and starting from scratch, right down to a consistent program of changing things little by little. It's up to you, your needs and desires and your budget.

What garden renovation is really about is making your garden and land into something that's realy personal, practical and beautiful.

Making it personal is, well, personal. There are plants that you like, design aspects that delight your eyes and personal ambitions.

Practicality is about making the space work for how you live and how you want to use it. You may have a deep love of cactii, but that could be a problem if you have children or if their position is too close to where people may walk carelessly.

Beauty? That is in the eye of the beholder. It's your garden and you know what you think is beautiful.

The works can be done as a one-shot project or as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule. All at once or bit by bit - It's up to you.

Why don't you contact My Garden Guy? We can work wonders on your property's garden renovation, personally.

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