Monday, April 16, 2012

Lawn Professionals? Who? What?

So what's this stuff about "Lawn Professionals" for private homes? Isn't it just mowing the lawn?

In most pursuits in life, there are those hobbyists and those who do things themselves out of necessity, as well as some who receive payment for a task but are still in the hobbyist/enthusiast category. On the other hand, there are those whose primary duty is to do that thing and be paid for it.

Lawn professionals fit into that last category. They have a duty to do the best work that can be done for you, at an agreed rate. Their part of the bargain is to be well equipped, well trained and very knowledgeable about their work. Additionally, they should be fully insured and a paid-up member of the relevant industry association.

In Australia, ILMCoA (Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors Association of Australia) is the peak body for independent lawn and garden service, creation and maintenance providers. With thousands of members across this wide brown land, they're making your patch of green one that is worthy of positive comment and admiration.

What truly separates a domestic lawn professional from the beer money, bargain basement mower guy is the professional's commitment to the lawn and garden industry, ongoing professional development and a keen interest in all of the technical aspects of their work. The result of those combined facets is a superior quality result for you, the loyal client.

The technical knowledge of a lawn professional is usually quite encyclopaedic. They are, for want of a better description, they are "lawn nerds". They know each species of lawn, its specific requirements and what to do with it to make sure it looks its best. The lawn professional's machinery is quite different from those other guys: it's well maintained, with sharp blades and is usually very clean. Their equipment may look the same to an untaught eye, but is usually of very high quality and perhaps highly modified to achieve a superior result in a cost-effective manner. Your benefit from this attention to detail is a quality result, and in particular a lawn that is cleanly cut rather than beaten into submission, battered, bruised, damaged and open to disease and eventual damage and death.

I challenge you. If you're using a "beer money Bob" to do your lawns for the lowest bid or if you're doing it yourself (and making yourself tired and frustrated in the process), choose an ILMCoA member to work on your lawn and garden. Do it for one season. You will see the difference.

My Garden Guy is a lifetime member of the ILMCoA. If your property is in our service area, we would be proud and pleased to give you no cost and no obligation quote for your lawn mowing and garden services.

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