Friday, April 20, 2012

NPK Ration - The Final Steps to a Great Garden

In the last edition, we talked about how different NPK ratios are needed for different plants and how in each part of your property, its possible to have different soil types and soil conditions so that your shrubs, tree, bushes, fruits and vegies are looked after properly - so that they thrive. 

To make your garden thrive through soil amendment, the plant types in each area of your garden need to be identified. Through correct species identification, it's easy to determine what their optimal fertilisation requirements and soil pH are. If the wrong fertilisation is applied, and the soil pH isn't suitable, then there can be less favourable results. 

Similarly, you need to make a decision to use conventional approved fertilisation or choose organic methods. For the best result in remediating gardens that haven't had detailed attention, a combination of the two methods will give you the best result, in the least time and for the least cost. Using only one or the other will give results, but on a different timescale. 

There is one more method: permaculture. It's really amazing and has very sensible and beneficial outcomes, especially if you have fuly 'green' intentions, but the timescale can be longer and less efficient compared to modern sensibilities, and does usually require more maintenance. We'll talk about that in detail in a later posting. 

Your garden needs to be surveyed for which species are present and which ones you want to keep. When you choose to amend your soil, it's a great time to improve your garden design and choose new plantings. In some cases, where native plants are growing naturally and doing well in depleted or poor soils, it's better to leave Mother Nature to do her good work.

After all the information is in, then the work can be planned. The result? Your garden will become ever more beautiful, and truly thrive and be even more enjoyable.

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