Saturday, June 30, 2012

Retail Grass Seed Packs

Ever thought you needed to 'thicken up' your lawn or fix up some bald patches? Want a quick fix? Looked at those packs of grass seeds at the hardware store with a longing, but doubtful eye?

A doubtful eye was the best thing you had that day! Here's why:

Most lawn seed mixes include couch and/or kikuyu and/or other species.

We've already mentioned why Couch grass and Kikuyu aren't good candidates.  Boxes of seed can be had for less than ten dollars. There is a reason for that...

Some of the 'other species' in some lawn seed kits are even worse. They tend to grow incredibly fast, almost in the same manner as onion weed. They form thick tufts of incredibly dense grass that will fill you catcher in only a few metres.

Here's a top example:

One of my clients on Sydney's North Shore bought a beautifully renovated house. Every little detail was just right! Except the lawn. The developer had re-seeded the front lawn, which had probably been destroyed by the tradies and contractors working the development, with a "box'o'seeds".

When my clients inspected the property, I'm sure it looked utterly perfect. However, when they moved in, there had been at least eight weeks since the lawns and gardens were tended (i.e. during the settlement period, during which the former owner has very few legal obligations and seemingly felt they had no moral obligations). The lawns and hedges were already in a difficult state.

What would you say to removing more than three catchers full of grass from an area of less than twenty square metres? Yep - I think I used that word too!

Needless to say, there is remediation work to be performed on that site's lawns as the result of an unethical vendor who chose to make it 'look nice' rather than doing what is right.  

Overseed your lawns, in the American style, with a box of miscellaneous grass seeds? Only if you're a glutton for punishment.

You need to chose a species that is right for your garden and locale, that is not invasive and that will not present unreasonable challenges for you or your gardener.

Talk to us and we'll help you.

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