Saturday, June 30, 2012

What is a 'quality lawn service'?

Glad you asked!

As experienced Garden Guys on Sydney's North Shore, we get to see a lot of grassed areas, lawns, jungles and gardens.

Let's just focus on what a quality lawn service is this time.

So many of the grassed areas we see are just that: grass. The previous lawn service that has worked the property has just 'tip cut' the lawn so that it looks tidy so that they can take their fee. The work is done to maximise their profit and to let the less knowledgeable customer think they have had their land serviced. It's a horribly deceptive practice.

Tip cutting is running a mower over a lawn to bring it to something roughly approximating a level surface, but with no regard to the lawn's past or future. It's the kind of work that non-professional lawn service people and home owners do. It speaks loudly about laziness and a lack of commitment to the final product. This is a shameful and reprehensible practice and we can't do it. Go get a franchise service to under-service and over-charge you if that's your preference.

Cutting a lawn properly, as a professional, involves rather a lot more. Of course, the benefits are far greater, despite the cost being around the same.

So many sites we visit that have previously been serviced by 'brand name' mowing services lack even basic edging! By this, I mean that the edges may have been cut more than one year ago. On some sites, I have found obstructions such as fallen branches which were mowed around for a very long time. Disgraceful!

Edging the nature strip, the garden beds and paths is part of our basic service. You're hiring a lawn service because you want a professional finish - not because you want to be cheated. My Garden Guy offers and delivers that professional finish as our basic service. You want to look good because your grounds look great. We want you to look good and fel confident that you can say "My Garden Guy did it!"*

Seasonal services include timely fertilisation, aeration, moss removal and more. If you care about the visual and practical appeal of your lawns, then we're ever so happy to assist you reach those goals. 

We're here to service your needs. You are our client. We're committed to you, your needs and lifestyle.

Allow us to make the difference. For you.

* If you're a client of My Garden Guy and you refer a client, you're eligible for a discount on your next lawn service. Ask us for details.

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