Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Why do I need to mow so often?

Sometimes, the question "Why does the lawn need to be cut so often?" comes up.

Here's why:
  • If you let it grow for a long time, it doesn't look tidy. 
    • How tidy you like it is up to you. That's a personal thing.
    • In some neighbourhoods and stratas and estates, some other co-residents have a pre-conceived idea about how that place should look. Thus, it isn't completely up to you. Sometimes, penalties may apply, including the strata or estate forcing some expensive guy to do your lawn and garden, against your wishes. 
    • In some localities, a long grassed area can represent a fire hazard and may be subject to legally enforceable penalties. Those penalties can be far more costly than the cost of regular, or even irregular, maintenance. 
  • If a lawn is cut infrequently, it can become unruly and hard to return to a smooth and well-cultured state. 
    • This is can be costly to correct to a basic standard. 
    • It can also be very costly to correct basic standard. (Yes, same reason twice - for a reason... it really is that bad.)
    • It can be extremely expensive to correct to a perfect standard.
During the warmer seasons - say Spring and Summer - a Couch grass lawn can grow up to 450 mm or more in a six week period. Imagine your land, covered in luscious Couch grass to a depth of eighteen inches! It's not just the height that is the issue, but what happens to the root and leaf structure during that time.

If you had that Couch grass lawn, and you went away for a break over Christmas and a month or so, then that refined lawn would have become nearly feral by the time you came home. The effect is that the finely controlled leaf structure which you so carefully cultivated would have grown massively; the root structure may have more than quadrupled; and the result is a grass that is reaching for the sky and endeavouring to reproduce more wildly than rabbits partaking of aphrodisiacs. Yes. It really is that bad - a hugely knotty mass that looks more well suited to an agricultural setting than your lovely home.

Regular mowing, lawn and garden service? It's not just an investment - it's insurance.

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