Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yeah... Cut it later...

I don't mean to be impolite, but some clients still can't get their head around what 'regular lawn service' means.

It's not about your service provider attending to your land as often as possible. A quality lawn and garden service provider will only do what is seasonably necessary on each service. Bluntly, choose a professional service provider.

  • It's about your lawn. 
  • It's about making your lawn healthy and strong. 
  • It's about making your property appear beautiful. 
  • It's about protecting your investment. 
Making your lawn healthy means that it's strong and consistently self-improving and self-maintaining. In that condition, it keeps weeds out. That way, you save money and don't need to play with various weed-killer and fertiliser combinations. Most of those combinations, like "Weed and Feed" varieties, usually may cause more problems than they correct. That's why Canada, at least, has banned "Weed'n'Feed" products.

Think about your home lawns and gardens for a moment. Think critically. Are there things that you don't like? Are there things that look out of place or just not right? Maybe those weeds growing in the middle of your turf? Hmmm... You know what you really need to do, don't you?

If you have new turf installed, you can be sure that it needs suitable water and feeding, and trimming and cutting in due course. Don't cut it too soon, with enthusiasm, and don't let it grow too long by being 'careful'. Both ends of the spectrum have risks.

Lawns? Cut 'em. Cut them at a schedule which matches your land's demand. No sooner, no later.

You know the difference between a good wine and bulk cask wine. You know the difference between a Mercedes and a cheapie. You know the difference between farm-fresh and supermarket product. You know how to make quality choices.

Make a quality choice and be certain that your approach is consistent.

Cut it later? Yes, we can do that. Can you live with it?

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