Monday, October 15, 2012

How Good is Your Gardener?

In my work, I get to meet a lot of very lovely people who are quite probably highly skilled in their chosen profession, work and past-times. However, when it comes to the garden that desirable personal quality may not be the case.

A lovely lady, whose property I recently serviced, was having some problems with some of her shrubs. In particular, various fungal infections triggered by last Summer's intense rainfall.

There was another 'gardener' servicing her property before me. He disappeared and didn't return to the work there, so I was appointed. The reason for putting that word (gardener) in inverted commas is because his lack of knowledge was worrying. The advice he had given that lady would have amounted to vandalism or destruction of plants and lawns if she had followed it.

Here's his most dangerous instruction:
  • Use glyphosate (Round Up) on a buffalo lawn to remove weeds. 

If you read the label on glyphosate preparations, it warns pretty clearly that it is an indiscriminate herbicide and, on most labels, warns that it's not safe for buffalo.

If that lady had followed the instruction of that guy, the lawns at her rental property would be dead and she would be up for thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Fortunately, My Garden Guy advised her of the correct solution - and we carried out the work for her at a lower cost than if she had done it herself.

Moral of the story? Choose your garden and lawn contractor carefully.

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