Sunday, April 15, 2012

Considering some plantings for your garden? Have you seen the price of plants lately? Scary, isn't it?

If you could pay around the same price for the plants, but have someone else do the hard work, would you be interested?

My Garden Guy has arrangements with commercial growers. We supply plants to our clients at wholesale rates. By the time the plants are installed, the price is about the same, or probably lower, than buying the plants from a retail nursery. Here's a hint: Buxus japonica (Japanese Box) from less than $3 (10 cm tube), Magnolia exmouth (40 cm pot) from $159, Mango RE2 (40 cm pot) from $165 and more... Considering the retail price for a 15 cm pot of Agapanthus spp is about $20, this is an exceptional offer!

Want to update your garden? Feel the need for more flowers, shrubs and fruiting trees? We understand and we want to help. Home-grown flowers and fruits are not only better for you, and the envrionment, but they also are more deeply rewarding.

Drop by and arrange a consultation and quote.

Please be aware: Plant sales and installation for these special offers are only available to clients who are financial and who have had two or more lawn services, and for the new plantings to happen at the same time as your next regular lawn service. Loyalty has its benefits. Enjoy our client loyalty program. We'll gladly help everyone else, but the service price will differ.Offer availability is limited and will be withdrawn without notice.

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